Warrior Songs Inc. is a non-profit organization which brings hope and healing to veterans through music and the creative arts. 

Let it Ring - Documentary World Premiere

Warrior Songs Facebook Page, 101 Main St, Tucson, AZ

"Let It Ring" Documentary Premiere - September 27 @5PM MST - LIVE on Warrior Songs Facebook Page.

Paczka Digital, in partnership with Warrior Songs, is excited to bring you the PREMIERE of "Let It Ring" — a short documentary about the profound and powerful impact that music therapy can have on veterans struggling with PTSD. We'll be streaming the documentary LIVE on the Warrior Songs Facebook page on September 27 @5PM MST. After the documentary, come visit the Paczka Digital Facebook page for a short LIVE Q&A with Director David Seeber and Warrior Songs founder Jason Moon.

This screening will serve to support "The Last Thing We Ever Do: Warrior Songs Vol. 3". Learn more at www.warriorsongs.org

The Last Thing We Ever Do: Warrior Songs Vol. 3
15 songs created from the 1st hand testimony of Vietnam Era Veterans
Official Fundraising Campaign 2020

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"Let it Go" by Larry Reed and Frogwater

"Let it Go" - Behind the scenes

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