Women at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2: CD
  • Women at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2: CD

Women at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2: CD

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Warriors Song Vol II: Women at War

The military is a single, homogeneous entity – or at least that’s what it tries to make us into. It doesn’t matter where we’re from, our social status, our history, or our gender. The military breaks all that down and builds us back up into one cohesive whole.

Military service changes us. Every one of us … for better, or for worse.

Even as the military changes us, we are also changing the military. It’s no longer just our boys, but also our girls. Women currently make up one-sixth of our military. Women have been serving our country in uniform since its founding, in both combat and non-combat roles. The trail has been blazed; the glass ceiling has been shattered. Women are Warriors, and deserve every honor our society renders to its veterans. It is time for the narrative to catch up to reality!

Our society does not always understand the challenges we face as Veterans, or the tremendous losses endured by our Gold Star Families – a loss that many families never fully recover from. They too have strength, resiliency, and pride. We have invited them to be part of this project, because they could have so easily been our family. We salute them!

This CD is a collaborative effort between Women Veterans and artists who are talented in storytelling and music. In listening to our stories, you become part of our community. We need you. When you listen to our stories, you lessen our individual burdens. In hearing us, you help each of us begin the long journey towards finally being home.

Women at War: Warriors Song Vol. 2 represents all our differences and how we are the same. Throughout it, you will hear notes of: Courage, Duty, Honor, Resilience, Resistance, Sacrifice, Strength, Tenacity, and Pride. Pride in who we are. Pride in who we will become.

Sincerely, “Woman at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2” Leadership Committee Connie Baptiste – Air Force Carissa DiPietro – Army Shannon James – Gold Star Mother, Marines Shelly Nichols – Navy Vera Roddy – Air Force 09/01/2018

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If You Have to Ask... Warrior Songs Vol. 1: CD

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Warrior Songs Vol. 1: fourteen song CD tells veterans’ true stories of war, struggle, and redemption. In all, 42 veterans contributed testimony, 16 songwriters wrote tracks for the album, 46 musicians participated in recording sessions, and sound engineers at eight studios captured the magic.

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7 Things You Never Say To A Veteran - DVD
  • 7 Things You Never Say To A Veteran - DVD
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7 things you never say to a veteran is a presentation Jason Moon gives to educate civilians about PTSD. Jason uses: science, humor, storytelling, and his own personal experience to weave together an entertaining and educational investigation into the world of military PTSD. Using music and song Jason equips the audience with a deeper understanding and gratitude for what veteran’s lives are like when they return from war with PTSD. His performance not only informs, but also offers real world solutions which inspired listeners, civilians and military alike, can use in their everyday lives to better engage with PTSD suffers. This is a DVD of this presentation.

From the disc art: “I began giving this presentation back in 2010 as an attempt to educate civilians about the struggles returning veterans face. Over a five-year period, I gave over 200 performances of this presentation, which successively improved by integrating the feedback received from veterans. Unable to keep up with the ongoing requests to give this presentation, I offer this DVD with the hope that it will serve to equally educate and inspire. PTSD is not a weakness, you are not alone, and we do not leave our wounded behind.” August 10, 2016

Recorded at 21st Annual Jail Health Care Conference at the Glacier Canyon Lodge, Wisconsin Dells, on 5/11/2015

Video production by iLevel media www.ilevel.net Mark Irving - Director-Editor Julie Olson - Producer Jonathon Leubner - Sound Daniel Peters - Camera Todd Dacquisto - Camera Consuelo Fortson - Camera Connie Gage - Design For booking info, contact Warrior Songs at info@warriorsong.org www.warriorsongs.org ©2016 Warrior Songs, Inc. NTSC/1:18:00 TRT

For a music CD of the songs featured on this DVD, contact info@warriorsongs.org

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Warrior Songs T-Shirt (Women's)
  • Warrior Songs T-Shirt (Women's)
  • Warrior Songs T-Shirt (Women's)


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