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Firsthand testimonials are a powerful tool for fundraising.  However, Warrior Songs refuses to exploit veterans for fundraising.  We provide all of our services to veterans free of charge and without any obligation.  Veterans and their families have paid enough!  No veteran should ever feel obligated to create a testimony for our fundraising or for any services provided to them. 

If you have been helped by Warrior Songs, and feel freely compelled to share it publicly, please use the form below.  Choose the level of anonymity that you are most comfortable with.  Speak from your heart and you will never be wrong

“The CD really helped me” – Joe Smith, Army Iraq 03-04

“The CD really helped me” – J. Smith, USMC Iraq 03-04

“The CD really helped me” – Jane, Navy Iraq 03-04

“The CD really helped me” – Anonymous Veteran, Air Force Iraq 03-04